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Die Smaak Maak It

SMI (die smaak maak it) was created in 2001 and Design is what I make of it. Translation of "die Smaak Maak Dit" is "the taste makes it". No matter what your taste is in music, art, movies, food or friends, your taste defines you and who you are, consequently what you make of your life.
I am a freelance graphic artist... or just an artist that likes to freelance... I taught myself how to use Photoshop, various other programs and tools since 1998, a couple of years ago I've learnt how to make websites with a few basic tips from a good friend and colleague. It all accelerated from there. Working with multi cultural nationalities in South Africa and in the Middle East, I've developed a great understanding of what clients expect from the market and this gives SMI Design an edge above the rest. I currently live in South Africa, managing my previous company’s website (, sent and created their newsletters. I also created and manage their sister companies' website (; including the design of various adverts, artworks and other media for all websites. Now working at the Johannesburg Animal Eye Hospital in South Africa, I design and manage their website ( as well as their Facebook page and newsletters.

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